Tent Theology

Followers of the Way V

Episode Summary

Having identified the bad tools in our toolbox, it's now time to fill it with good ones. "Reading from below", "Faith" and "Gospel" are all key tools for a renewed political imagination. Then Stephen is joined by Sean and Chris for a continued conversation on giving up power and falling out of love with the flag. We consider Jesus' political re-education campaign and ask: If you can’t run a country this way, then what good is it? Can followers of Jesus be in government? Can groups of people get too big? Do you need to be in charge to be effective? If voting is not a sacred duty, then should we do it?

Episode Notes

Putting some tools in the toolbox of the new political imagination: "Faith", "Gospel" and "Reading from Below."

The conversation with Stephen, Sean and Chris starts at 30:50. Amongst other things we talk about falling out of love with the flag, Jesus' re-education campaign, Kierkegaard, going small and voting.

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