Tent Theology

Intro: Followers of the Way

Episode Summary

Dr Stephen Backhouse is an author, teacher and political theologian who specialises in religion, patriotism and christianised nationalism. This podcast arose from the high volume of questions coming in from people dismayed by current events surrounding racism, nationalism, state violence and presidential religious photo-ops. Most distressing of all is the amount of Christians who enthusiastically endorse such things. The questioners all know that the current options available to them are bad, but they despair of imagining an alternative. Christians, our political imagination stinks. We need a new one. We need to be Followers of the Way.

Episode Notes

Stephen Backhouse is the founder of Tent Theology, a venture bringing real theology to local churches and networks.  You can find it HERE.

You can find Chris Marchand's Blog HERE and connect to his podcast Post Consumer Reports HERE.  Stephen appeared on Episode 62.

Sean McCoy is the host of the Come to the Table Podcast which you can find  HERE.  You can find Stephen's appearance on the podcast HERE.