Tent Talks with Dr Stephen Backhouse

Serving at Christmas

Episode Summary

The war-on-christmas-season is upon us! Tent Theology co-host Chris Marchand has written a book on Christmas. In this episode he looks at the politics, practices and hidden meanings of the holiday. The results are intriguing, amusing, even startling. Then Sean and Stephen hop on the mic to continue the discussion. Join us as we re-imagine Christmas!

Episode Notes

Based on his book 'Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas,' co-host Chris Marchand explores the social and political implications of Serving at Christmas.  Sean and Stephen join the discussion at 35:40. 

This is the first of two episodes reimagining serving others at Christmas. Episode 2 will be available to Patreon subscribers, which can be found HERE. In the years to come Chris will be recording more Christmas Tent Talks on the subjects of resting, celebrating, and worshipping at Christmas.

You can find out more about Chris's thoughts and writings at Christmas on his podcast and blog PostConsumer Reports and you can listen to his recorded Christmas music on his Bandcamp page.