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Justin Bronson Barringer, benign anarchist

Episode Summary

Justin Bronson Barringer is a pastor, author, and along with his wife the founder of Diapers, etc. He stops by Tent Theology to help us unpack the words Christian Anarchy and pacifism, as well as to discuss his new book The Business of War.

Episode Notes

To learn more about Diapers, etc. which provides diapers and feminine products to families, please visit https://www.owenwood.org/diapers. Justin's new book The Business of War is available to our listeners at a 40% discount through his publisher Wipf and Stock until October 31: https://wipfandstock.com/the-business-of-war.html

Use the coupon code: TENT2020

You can find out more info about Justin at: http://www.rogueminister.org/

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