Tent Talks with Dr Stephen Backhouse

Resting at Christmas (Christmas Tent Talk)

Episode Summary

Co-host Chris Marchand is back to offer another Christmas Tent Talk, this time about resting and sabbathing during the holiday season. Rather than merely telling us all to "get some rest," he looks back on how various Christmas traditions throughout history (from Medieval Europe, to Southern American slavery, to the present day) reflect exhausted cultures that have given themselves over to the gods of work rather than the God who created us for a day of rest. After his talk, Stephen and Natasha join Chris for a debrief conversation where they discuss how this subject relates to Natasha's Caribbean heritage and Stephen helps us see what all this has to do with our cycles of work and the powers that be.

Episode Notes

Chris's talk is in part based on his book Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas: A guide for churches and families, which can be purchased through most book outlets. Chris has also released a couple of albums of Christmas music, one electronic instrumental and one more traditional

This is the first of two episodes on resting at Christmas, The second will be made available to Patreon subscribers and can be found HERE. Last year's Christmas Tent Talk (on serving others) can be found here, and other Christmas related interviews and talks can be found on his own podcast PostConsumer Reports.